Monday, July 16, 2012

Early mornings, Exercise & Me..Not a good combo

I've been wanting to make better life choices and getting healthy was in the top 3.  Last week I started going to the gym before work.  I'm not a morning person so getting up instead of rolling over when the alarm clock sounded was a victory in itself.  This morning I rolled over.  When the alarm clock across the room went off, I jumped up, threw on my gym clothes and off to the gym I went. 

Due to time constraints, I skipped the weights and concentrated on cardio.  I was almost done on the treadmill when I looked out the window near the corner of the gym. I didn't see my car. Just a cop car where my car should be. My stomach dropped. I'm straining my neck and all I see is a cop car. I don't remember there being two parked in the parking lot. So I hop off the treadmill immediately. My mind is racing.
  • why did this have to happen while Tate's gone
  • what all was in my car
  • what new vehicle do I want
  • what a way to start a Monday
Hurriedly I wipe down the machine and grab my keys. As I get closer to the door, I see that I was very foolish. What I thought was a window showing a cop car was actually the mirror's reflection of the one cop car I had seen parked earlier. As I head out the door, there sat my car...all safe and sound.

They say that exercise is good for you. They say that it's better for you if you do it in the morning. That may be true for morning people but for those of us who would rather sleep later, events like the above have the ability to cause heart attacks. What good is that exercise then, hmmmmm?

I can laugh now. 30 minutes ago I could not. Figured you needed a laugh too.

Enjoy your Monday.