Thursday, August 20, 2015

An eventful Monday

Dad always gave blood, especially for the babies.  Once he got sick, he had to stop.  I gave for the first time in 2014 because Dad needed it.  After he passed away, I decided to continue the tradition in memory of him.  I have O- blood.  Since this is a very sought after blood type, my # is on speed dial at the local Life Share unit. 

This past Monday the blood mobile was scheduled to be at my office building and I planned on donating.  I have small veins so being hydrated is very important in helping the nurses with their task.  So I increased my water intake.  I knew that I would need protein so I went to Papa’s for one of their huge burgers.  I knew that I couldn’t give right after eating lunch so I waited 45 minutes after eating before going down to donate.  Anthony is the master of sticking small veins.  He worked his magic and I was able to give my pint.  I was never light headed or nauseous during the process.  I picked up my free shirt, water and oatmeal crème pie on my way out.  I was fine as I stepped out of the blood mobile.  I was fine as I walked across the building atrium.  I was fine as I waited for 5 minutes on an elevator to go back to my office on the 22nd floor.  I was fine as the elevator went up…until about the 18th floor.

I remember feeling extreme pressure between my eyes and top of my head.  I knew something wasn’t right.  It felt like somebody was just pushing my head down to the floor.  I looked up and saw 18 on the elevator display and it was slowly becoming black.  I remember saying aloud, “God, help me make it to my floor.”  The next thing I remember was my boss’ voice telling me that I would be alright.  Apparently he was waiting on the elevator so that he could go downstairs to donate blood.  As the doors opened, he saw my condition and was able to catch me before I passed out. 

I remember muffled voices.  I remember not being able to focus.  I remember being very sleepy and having trouble waking up.  I remember cold packs being put on my forehead and around my neck.  (Well, actually I realized later that they were cold packs because they didn’t feel all that cold to me.)  I remember people raising my legs.  I remember wanting to have control over my own body but not being able to.  When I could finally focus, I had about five faces looking down at me.  It took over an hour for me to recover enough for me to walk to my desk.  During that time I had coworkers, friends and strangers offering to help me in any way that they could.  I was still loopy around quitting time so Tate was my chauffeur home.  I slept like a baby that night.  I am extremely thankful that God answered my prayer on the elevator near the 18th floor.  Will I donate blood again? Absolutely!!!  I just won't get off that little bed for about 10 or 15 minutes afterwards no matter how "fine" I feel.

In the days since my little “episode”, I couldn’t help but see God’s hand through it all.

v  God’s timing is perfect!  Greg could have gone to give blood at any time between noon and 4 pm.  He normally goes before I do.  God put him at that elevator at the exact moment that I would need help.  Greg’s focus shifted from his task to helping someone in need.  As I go through my day, do I notice if someone is in need?  Would I help or am I too focused on my “to do list”?

v  God is continually teaching us. In life, we will go through trials or experiences that aren’t pleasant.  Sometimes it’s for us to learn a lesson.  Maybe to be reminded that God is in control, not us.  Sometimes it’s so that in the future we can help someone else out when they go through the same thing.  Greg knew how to help me recover because he had done the same thing before himself.  Now I have the knowledge of what to do if I came along the same situation.

v  God’s focus is on people.  When I stepped onto the elevator, I had a bottle of water and oatmeal crème pie in one hand while the other hand held my phone and wallet.  Greg had to choose between catching me before I hit the ground or grabbing my material possessions before the elevator doors closed.  He chose what was most important.  Another elevator had arrived shortly after I passed out which would make the one that I just used next in line to be used by someone else.  My wallet and phone were still on that elevator.  Things could have gone from bad to worse had they been stolen but they weren’t.  When someone went to find my stuff, the doors opened and my stuff was right where I had dropped it.   Not only did God protect me physically, He protected me financially too.  Where do I place the most value in my life, on people or possessions?  Do I let God control over every aspect of my life?

v  God’s in control.  All the time.  No one and nothing can change that.  No matter how much I want to be in control, it’s not going to happen.  No matter how much I work hard at being in control, it’s just a lie because I will never obtain it.  The sooner I grasp that truth; the sooner peace will reign in my life.  As I laid on the floor having others move my body because I couldn’t…As I laid on the floor having others take care of me because I couldn’t take care of myself…As this control freak laid on the floor feeling very vulnerable and very frightened…I heard the words, “I’ve got you.  You’re going to be okay.”  It may have been Greg saying those words but I assure you that it wasn’t Greg’s voice that I heard.  I knew that God had answered my prayer.  I knew God was in control.  It was at that moment that peace engulfed my body and soul.

v  God still answers prayer…even for the hard headed recovering control freaks.