Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Did you see God today?

The news of today can really get you down in the dumps. And this election is just plain scary. The morals of my childhood seem to be completely gone. If I weren't a Christian I would wonder what's the point of this life. The only reason I still put one foot in front of the other each day is because of the hope and joy I have in God. Each day I have to focus 100% on Him. Everything else will fall in to place if I do. If I don't, chaos ensues. So this morning I asked God to show me something good in this evil world. And then He showed up and He showed off.

I was headed to work and as crazy as this sounds I always ask God if I should take the interstate or North Market. Why? Because I always miss the wreck check on the radio. He tells me and and I have avoided more wrecks b/c of it. Anyway, this morning He tells me to go the interstate. Now this morning it was chilly and the skies were overcast and very dreary. If you were in a "blah" mood, it would make you feel in the dumps. As I turn onto the Lakeshore Extension, I see color. Straight ahead (just the width of 4 lanes) the sun is coming up and with it are gorgeous hues of yellow, orange, pink and purple. Your eyes are drawn to the sun and the colors it brings. I can't help but smile and enjoy the moment. But once you turn left or right, it's nothing but dark skies and dreariness shadows everything. I don't want the moment to end so I want to turn toward North Market so I can go over the bridge and see more of the sunrise. God says No. I don't understand but I head towards the interstate anyway. Nothing but dreary. Then I get on I-20 and I see the most beautiful sunrise over the airport. I wouldn't have seen it had I gone the other way. Now I'm not a crier but my eyes did mist over when I saw it.

As I continued on my way to work, I pondered what just took place. It's just like life. We have choices to make each day. If we focus on the SON, HE will lead us in the right direction and the path is bright. But if we choose to go our way, it can be dark and dreary. Oh He'll still be there with us but we will miss out on some blessings. He may lead you in a direction that you aren't sure about and it doesn't make any sense to you at all but trust Him anyway. The glimpse of the sunrise was just a taste of God's goodness. I'm so glad I listened to Him and followed His lead b/c when I did my cup overflowed with His goodness.

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Alaskiana said...

Hey Girl! That's very sweet of her - I'll pass that on to Jeff to see what he wants to do. He'd also mentioned staying at Mawmaw and Pawpaw's house since they're with Ellis and Lisa now. Regardless it's going to be a crazy busy weekend I'm sure:)

Has your mom decided to do a lunch or dinner for Thanksgiving? We're hoping dinner so we can see everyone. We're cramming in lunch with my fam, then heading over to LA for dinner with the Smiths (hopefully!) We should be in around 6pm.

Can't wait to see you either - it feels like it's been forever!