Monday, February 23, 2009

A little excitement while I was gone

So I go home to DeRidder to pay my respects to Grannie and be there for Danyelle. I get back Saturday around 5:30 pm. I notice that the next door neighbor's fire extinguisher is on their stoop. I open my door and my alarm tells me that someone has had to enter my apartment. Then I am overwhelmed by the smell of smoke. My kitchen floor has black marks from boots scuffed on it. My cabinets are opened. I haven't received any phone calls about a fire. None of my emergency contacts on my list have been contacted. There isn't a note on the cabinet explaining what happened. So I have to wait til this morning to find out what happened. My neighbor had a kitchen fire at 6:30 pm Friday night. The apartment manager lives in Blanchard and she had to call the courtesy officer to get the keys to open my apartment b/c the fire department was about to bust down my door. The complex is sending a machine out today to suck out the smoke smell. Just one more story to add to the Heather's adventure files. And another testimony that God protects His own.

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