Friday, January 7, 2011

Recipe Challenge 2011

Can't believe it's the new year already! Where did 2010 go? Not that I want it to return or anything.  I have a new goal for this year.

I want to try a new recipe every other week.  So if you have any recipes that your family absolutely loves and you don't mind sharing, please send them to me.  If it comes out good, I did it. If it comes out bad, then Tate or Josh did it. LOL!

Happy New Year!

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Mariann said...

This is an easy soup recipe that is quick and pretty cheap to make. We loved it! If you want it to "eat like a meal", add some italian sausage to it and serve with rolls (man, it's soo good like that).

My only tip is make sure you don't let the tortellini get mushy by overcooking it.

Can you share the recipes you get with me? I'm all about something different!