Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Check your freezers!

My mom has always had a chest freezer.  When I was little, she would put two sets of my dad's tube socks on my feet and lower me in so I could hand her the stuff on the bottom.  I remember helping her with defrosting my grandmother's chest freezer on the farm.  I came across a milk carton like this...

I knew we left LA Tech in 1979 so why would Grandma still have a carton...especially one that contained shrimp.  Before my mom could shush me, I had asked the question loud enough for Grandma to hear.  Of course my mother wanted to throw it away but Grandma said, "It's got masking tape on it, so it's still good."

Fast forward to this past weekend.  Mom needed help defrosting two chest freezers.  Thankfully I didn't have to put on two sets of tube socks but I was the one handing Mom and Tate all the stuff.  I told Tate the above story and we all chuckled about it.  Then as I am working my way to the bottom of one of the freezers, what do my eyes behold?  You guessed it.

Instead of shrimp, this LA Tech milk carton had some sort of jelly juice stored in it.  The label was blurry but we figured it was April 1981.  This milk carton was put into use six months before my brother was born!  Thankfully I didn't have to convince my mother that just because there was masking tape on it, it did not mean that the contents were still good.

I was later told by two Tech Alumni that the dairy is being closed and that I should keep the carton as a collector's item.  Yeah well, I donated it to another collection agency.  You know the one that comes by once a week to collect all the other useless stuff stored in black bags that we don't want.

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