Friday, October 30, 2009

God takes care of details

For those of you who don't know, our church is prone to flooding.  For that reason, a wall was built to keep the water out.  Due to all the rainfall recently, Tate and I drove by the church around 6pm and there wasn't any standing water.  Two hours later after a constant output of rain, Tate and I almost couldn't drive by the church due to the flooding.  When we finally reached the church, a young lady was being pulled out of her car in the church's parking lot by the fire department.  The couches in the youth building were floating around and water was trying to make its way into the sanctuary.  Many who know that Ford Park floods have asked me, "Why didn't ya'll put the walls up?" There was no time.  We found out later that 30 minutes after we drove by to check on the church, someone else had gone by and saw no standing water and made the same assumption that we did...that we were safe.  We both were wrong.  An SOS was sounded and men showed up to put up the wall to stop the water.

The next morning the damage was assessed.  The youth building was a total loss.  Water needed to be sucked up out of several wings, the gym and the sanctuary.

The news came by that morning and interviewed the preacher.  Then God showed up.  He sent people to drop off extension cords, commercial fans, and commercial wet vacs.  He sent people to do the manual labor of cleaning up.  He even sent people to provide lunch for all the workers.

I had to tell you all that to get to the good part of the tell/show you an example of how awesome God is.  Friday morning I couldn't get to work due to flooded streets.  I could however get to the church.  Now I had always been taught to have some money tucked away for emergencies.  That morning before I left the house I felt that God told me to take some of that money with me.  At the time I thought it was odd but did it anyway.  As I see more people show up to help I begin to think about feeding the volunteers.  A friend offers to buy lunch if I make the order.  A head count is taken and I call Domino's Pizza.  We head off to pick up the pizza and my friend hands them his credit card for payment.    "Sorry Sir. Our credit card machine hasn't worked all morning."  (They didn't tell me this when I called in our order.)  In that instant as my friend begins trying to come up with payment plan B, I just smile and say, "No problem" and whip out that money that God told me to put in my pocket earlier that morning.  My friend reimbursed me later and got a story to tell his Sunday school class.

What's amazing about this story is #1: God knew about the situation at Domino's later in the day and He was putting everything in order for it work out that morning.  #2: I never carry that amount of cash on me.  #3: I have had that money stored away for several years never having had to touch it.  #4: This is proof that God is in control at all times and if we'll not only listen to His voice but also obey His instructions, we might get to see His hand at work.

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