Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sometimes it pays to be honest...

I knew that once I had my knee surgery that I'd need a little help getting around.  Mom wanted to do it but because of Matt's health scare last month her hands were already full.  So Mrs. Julie came to my rescue.  I wanted to do something nice for her so I went to find her some flowers.  Tate and I didn't get out til late Saturday afternoon and most florists are already closed. We stopped in at Kabloom on Youree Dr.  I went into their cooler and found the perfect arrangement.  It had Mrs. Julie's favorites, star gazer lilies.  So I hobbled to the counter and paid.  Then we dropped them off at Mrs. Julie's office. She liked them so my idea was a success.

Yesterday I was checking my credit card balance to make sure I hadn't forgotten to write any charges into my checkbook when I discovered that Kabloom had charged my credit card and then refunded my money on the same day.  At first I thought they had charged me twice and they were just fixing their mistake.  I never found a duplicate charge.  So I called Mr. Bill at Kabloom to notify him about the accounting error.    We verified all the information and he knew exactly what happened.  He appreciated my honesty and told me that it was my lucky day because he wasn't going to charge me for the flowers and asked that I use them again in the future. Sure thing, Mr. Bill!

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