Monday, November 15, 2010

Another God story...

Here I am sitting at my computer needing to finish another paper but I have to stop and share how God takes care of the details.  So far I've been able to sell all my textbooks once I'm done with them.  Well all except one...Management of Information Security.  Sure sounds like an interesting read, doesn't it?  You're's good for curing insomniacs.  Last night I was working on this paper and needed proper definitions for the types of backups there are.  I knew I had read about them somewhere, but where? Then I remembered that I had the powerpoint slides from my first CIS class two quarters ago.  I start searching and BINGO, I hit the jackpot.  I find the needed definitions but now I need to be able to cite them.  What book is it from? Oh yeah, the book that I haven't been able to sell.  Thank you God for looking out for me and helping me finish another one of these lovely gems.  Only two more and I'm done....FOR LIFE!

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